Toilet and Bed framing finished.

I managed to get the wood today to do most of the framing out.  I am using 47x50mm unplaned timber as it is cheap and it won’t be visible once the sheeting is applied.

I was going to have the shower at the front of the Bus but the access to the fusebox is there so I am using that as the toilet cubicle and washroom now.  The shower will go at the foot of the bed.

I have gone for a 4′ width bed instead of the 4’6 and raised it to 2′ above the floor.  I can put 3 rows of draws in the bed along the side and still have enough space behind the drawers for the tanks.

Now I have these items in I can see how big the living space is going to be and I am loving the large open area at the back now.  Will post pictures once I have all the junk and tools cleared out of the way.

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