Truma Vent fitting

I managed to get the painting finished this morning and everything back into place.  I also cut a hole in the floor and fed the 2 heating vent pipes that go from the boiler to the living area.  I have run out of vent pipe so the last 2 will have to wait until my next trip to Magnums.

I then started on fitting the flue for the Trumatic Combi boiler and that was not a fun job.  My hole cutter snapped so I ended up drilling lots of holes then using a hack saw blade to cut it out.  As I didn’t have  a hack saw or a half round file this had to wait until after lunch.  A quick walk into town bought the tools and got myself some lunch.

The hacksaw blades made short work of the hole but unfortunately this revealed a horizontal structural brace right in the middle.  I then spent half an hour cutting another hole just above it.  I will have to raise the boiler inside to line this new hole up with the boiler.  The flue pipes are fitted to the external vent and my first task tomorrow will be to make a small platform for the boiler, cut the flue pipe down to size and fit it.

I will be getting a plate made with a hole the correct size in it.  This will be sikaflexed to the bus and the truma vent refitted properly.

Once that is done installing all the water pipe work should be straight forward enough and should only take an hour or so.  Time permitting I will also install the temporary electrics and the Gas pipes and manifold.

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