Viewing the Bus and New Headlights

I had someone come to look at the Bus yesterday.  They seemed 50/50 interested until I told them it does 10-15Mpg.  I don’t think they will be back.  I can’t believe it.  I did say it was  a BUS not a van.  Do people expect to get 20-30mpg out of an 8.4T bus with a 6 litre engine?

After he left I fitted the new headlights.  A surprisingly easy job and it was done within 20 minutes.  Unfortunately they didn’t come with the motors that raise and lower the lights for use with a trailer.  I swapped these over from the old headlights and kept my fingers crossed.  Crossing your fingers doesn’t work with Fiat parts…   The motor in the drivers side still runs none stop.  I phoned a few parts dealers and none of them could help me.  A phone call to Fiat gave me a quote of £85.  I thought this was extortionate so stripped the headlights down again and removed both motors.  I pulled them both apart and compared the gearing and other internals.  The gearing has a central thread which the drive shaft screws into and this had come unwound.  I screwed it in which took a bit of force but it is now working as good as the other one.  Phew, saved myself £85 and the headlights should now pass the MOT retest..

I am starting to learn more about the mechanical/electrical side of the Fiat Ducato than I really wanted to…..

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