Wasted Day unfortunately

The bus is built on a split level.  the back end is higher than the front and the platform is in a U shape.  Unfortunately the floor also slopes from the front to the back.

I started today installing the floor for the middle section which covers the step up to the back end.  After 3 or 4 attempts that failed I realised that the floor was sloping and as I had been doing it in small manageable sections the resulting floor was uneven (to say the least).  I ripped it all out and thankfully Al has offered to come over again tomorow so will redo the middle section using a single sheet of 18mm ply which will be much better.

Hopefully tomorrow we can get the floor down and the shower room walls finished,  if we still have time we should be able to get the lounge area floor done as well as this is going to be in 12mm ply it will be much quicker.

Once that is done the easy work start carcassing the kitchen and seating area…

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