What a Day.. Result

Al has just left after doing another hard days work on the Bus.  I am absolutely shattered and aching all over but the Bus is starting to look something like it should now.

All the floors are layed now,  the bathroom is fully enclosed except for the side for the door.  The bed area is all installed and level and the backboard for the kitchen is in.

Now I have a level floor area to work with the rest should come together pretty quickly.  I am away for the weekend so will be starting again on Tuesday and hope to get the water tank, boiler and hot air system installed in a day.  I may even be able to get a start on the shower base.

I was in Wilkos today and saw some tiles I quite like,  they are made of a blown polystyrene type material that can be cut with scissors and has a self grouting glue system.  It’s not cheap at £9 per pack of 6 tiles but it means I won’t have to buy a tile cutting tools.

I would like to Publicly thank Al again for all his hard work today and on Tuesday without him I would still be working on the Bus at the end of March.  I may be able to get in by the end of this month now.  Thanks Al.

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