Won Auction for Cushions and Table.

9 Cushions for £120 which I am picking up today.

Free Standing Table for £40.  I will be making a slot in the side wall to put this in so I will only bring it out when needed leaving a nice clear floor space the rest of the time.

I was hoping to get the boiler installed today, but won’t have time to complete the job after the run out to collect the cushions.  I have run out of money for this week so won’t be able to buy the last of the bits needed to finish the van.  I have around £500 still to spend.

£120 on wood.
£120 on a new Mattress (already ordered)
£129 on liner as mentioned in a previous post. (light grey fleck)
£100 on tiles and finishing materials.

I will hopefully be able to make the Bus liveable by next weekend.

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