New Plans and update. New Self build in a 7.5T Truck.

It has been a while since I have had anything worth posting due to being stuck in one place for work.  However that is going to be changing over the next months and year.  Because of work and a change of pace in life I have decided that living in a tiny van is no longer a compromise I need to make.  So the plan is to complete a self build in a 7.5T truck with a 20 or 24 foot box on the back and do a full conversion.

I need to save up for this and make plans etc.  I will be documenting my thoughts, plans, ideas and progress on here up until the build.  Then I will document the build process with pictures and video.

I have created a category which you can view all the posts on this subject in.

I have set myself a target of saving £10-£12,000 for this build.   I will start building with whatever funds I have raised in around 12 months or so.  I am currently targetting a minimum of £100 per week savings.  However that is an absolute minimum and for the last 4 weeks since I started I have been averaging around £250.   I doubt I can maintain that pace as it requires logging a lot of hours with clients on top of all the admin stuff.  However I think getting £10K together in 12-14 months is doable.

In future posts I will give my requirements for the truck,  ideas I have seen on the internet,  build plans and design ideas.  I am getting really excited at the prospect of doing another self build.

The current van was bought on the 22nd of July 2010.  So in July this year it will be 8 years old (to me).  I have never kept a vehicle this long nor put  as much work into fixing/repairing/maintaining a vehicle before.  I am hoping the next one will last me 10 years.