Drivers CPC day 3

Well things just keep getting better.  Today we dealt with the rules and regulations regarding weight, load securing, […]

Drivers CPC day 2

Wow,  What a great day.  We learned loads of useful stuff such as drivers hours,  The European Working […]

Drivers CPC day 1

I was right and wrong on my predictions.  The instructor is not a boring governmental drone who got […]

Corralling Horses

Last night I heard/felt a load of thuds and horses neighing all around the van.   I got my […]

New Career Chosen

Up until now I have been running a small internet hosting company.   This has become increasingly difficult over […]

Duvalay Review

I have finally bought one of these much talked about Duvalay matress topper and duvet combined.   I am […]

Dell XPS-13 Review

I have just bought the 2015 Model XPS-13.  To save you having to read the whole review if […]