Self Build

Anything to do with my Self Build Motorhome

Galsow system arrived.

My gaslow system arrived today.  Although it has broken the budget it does look like it is going […]

Marking Out

Fitting Deadlocks

Rather than a long descriptive text post I am just going to post the pictures.  If you have […]

Making the solar panels

Well I finally got round to making the solar panels.  Here is the process. These things are really […]

3rd time lucky

Whoohoo.  It took about an hour to strip down the brake system and free up the calipers.  Luckily […]

Chill out day today

After all the rushing about this last two weeks I am going to have a chill out day […]

Failed the MOT AGAIN!!!!

Yup, It failed again.  Front brakes binding and this is after new disk and pads.  Also the rear […]