What is Full Timing

FullTiming is an alternative lifestyle based on living in a Motorhome, RV or 5th Wheel FullTime. A common mistake is to mix us up with Gypsies or New Age Travellers. We are neither an ethnic group nor are we to be mistaken with people who either don’t work or live outside the law, nor do we hold any common political or spiritual beliefs.

A large number are people who have retired and want to travel, a newer group are those youngsters who can’t afford property and prefer the more versatile lifestyle. There are as many reasons why people go fulltiming as there are ways to do it.

Why I went fulltiming

For me personally, I am going fulltiming to reduce my outgoings and to travel a bit in the process. I want to be able to move around more frequently and see more of Europe. I will be working while on the move and paying my taxes and NI in the UK. I have a large Battery bank in my vehicle and multiple means of internet connection so can work just as well from my ‘Van’ as I can from my bricks and mortar house. My vehicle is fully taxed and Mot’d  and is well maintained. I won’t be purchasing any land and living on it illegally (that would defeat the object).

My lifestyle will be varied and interesting on the road. I will stop on campsites in the UK except for when I stay on a pub car park (With permission) or when visiting friends. In France there are Aires where you can stay for free. Whilst on the road I will continue to do some server admin work, Some PHP development work. I will also be working on a few websites to bring in additional income. I have other small projects that also earn me income. I intend to keep many small income streams rather than rely on one main business.  You never know I may even do something physical now and again like fruit picking but I doubt it.

The costs of fulltiming

Depending on your lifestyle on the road you can live for a lot less than you would in a bricks and mortar house. I have seen people who live on less than £100 a week all in. Others spend up to £1600 a month for a much more luxurious lifestyle. I will be aiming somewhere in the middle of that. My house (2009) cost me £1100 per month before I even start on food, other shopping or enjoying myself. My monthly costs for keeping the Motorhome on the road with all bills paid will be around £300 a month. Now that’s either a lot more money saved or I can chose to slow down and not work quite so hard. I will probably do a combination of working less in the summer and harder in the winter when I am stuck inside a little more – If I don’t follow the sun that is…

About this site.

I will be publishing regular articles about the ups and downs of this lifestyle and about building a motorhome suitable for the lifestyle.  I hope you read them and enjoy.